What gets between you and your interlock?

Lobster Shake wool interlock wrap. www.humbird.eu
Lobster Shake wool interlock wrap. http://www.humbird.eu

What gets between you and your interlock? That is the question on my mind. After using it and sewing with it I only want interlock on me and if I had a baby, on the baby also.

Foxes wool interlock wrap by humbird.eu
Foxes wool interlock wrap by humbird.eu

Currently, I offer the following interlock items:

Stay dry layer
Wool pull-on
Wool one size wrap

Wild horses interlock wool by humbird.eu
Wild horses interlock wool by humbird.eu

I am going to be adding the following items:
Nursing pads

Shells wool interlock diaper cover by humbird.eu
Shells wool interlock diaper cover by humbird.eu

Long time no write

Yes yes yes, it has been a very long time but since I am written sick for another week let me take the time to write. I have been sick and I am not liking it. I am also not a very good patient. Rest, what? I don’t understand. Well, I went to work yesterday and by the end of the day was done. So, today I am doing the best I can with relaxing (sewing is relaxing, isn’t it?).

Big things going on with HumBird. I am getting my first shipment of cloth from China by boat. 12 rolls. Getting 1 roll at a time was costing me a ton. I can get 200kg shipped for the same cost as buying 1 roll flown in when I need it. The catch, I have to order 200kg (that is about 12 rolls, well, there is an extra roll as there was a color velour I couldn’t say no to).

This will allow me to keep my costs down and perhaps one day lower the free shipping to less money. Not sure yet but lets see.

I have met some fabulous people lately. Let me just share how drugged I was the last 2 weeks on pain medicine. I met a new woman and she has a daughter Clyde. Well, I actually had a dream that I was explaining to her why she should name her next child Bonnie. Seriously, I actually was woke up from the dream and was contemplating this.

Not being allowed to run has been a bit depressing. Marina asked me if I was going to do the triathlon this year again. I wasn’t going to as I wasn’t positive last year that I wouldn’t need to be rescued from the swim. (I am not a good swimmer). Then I thought, I have to do it for Marina.

Now I have heard, it is only 200m, how hard can it be. OK, you are in a huge pond with 250 people (most semi-professionals) and you all start. This is no pool swimming, people are banging into you, you try and take a breath and the waves cause you to swallow water. So, this year, me and my non-professional bikini will go in the water after the buzzer and not care. Sounds good. Also, me and my touring bike with rake and automatic lights will smile next to the titanium tri-bikes next to me (or should I say in front of me).

Well, time for kindergarten. Love to you all. =)

My thoughts on the Syrian Refugee Crisis

So, you want to send a box of stuff to the refugees. Why? It makes you feel better without really doing much. You can then forget about it and go on your way because it is a European problem, not an American problem. You might not say it, but it is probably what you really feel. The refugees, at least the ones who  make it here to Germany, have so many clothes donated they are leaving them on the side of the roads. There is also enough food here (I can only speak for what is going on here, not for Refugees in Lebanon and Jordan and other areas).

They don’t need boxes, they need homes. But it is not your problem America. You don’t really want to help them because really helping them would be giving them a place to live not sending a box. Why don’t you write to your government and protest that America could take more than a measly 10000. Because you want to send a box and feel like you did something but not really have to deal with it.

California is 1.19 times bigger than Germany. We will have about 1,000,000 million refugees in Germany by the end of this year and the US would take 10,000. Wow, gee, thanks. Lebanon has more refugees that citizens and Jordan has millions. 10,000 USA?

Anyway, I don’t want to spoil that you feel good about yourself for sending a box, it is more than some people and the it really is a nice gesture, I mean that, but what is really needed are homes.

Woollybottoms vs HumBird Wool (diaper covers, wool soakers)

I have been asked many times what the difference is between my diaper covers here at HumBird and Woollybottoms. Here I will give what I know. This is answered honestly and to the best of my knowledge… Feel free to correct me.

First I would like to say that the quality of serging/sewing is on par. Both are extremely well made, now on to their differences…

  1. HumBird does not send out diaper covers lanolized and Woollybottoms does. Why don’t I? Well first off, I would have to charge more. I offer free shipping and a high quality wool cover made out of new wool that is affordable and I do NOT want to have to charge more or charge for shipping. Besides, if you use wool you will need to lanolized every 4-6 weeks yourself.
  2. We both merino interlock covers. Woollybottoms are 95/5 and organic, mine are 100 merino and are Oeko Tex certified.
  3. Woollybottoms offers upcycled with repurposed wool and I offer wool covers made from new wool. I believe they both work excellent and both are offered with extra soaker layers. HumBird newborn is $5 less and the other sizes cost the same. Only I offer free shipping worldwide with all orders $25 and over.
  4. I also make wool covers without soaker layers using new European boiled wool and they are still super absorbent making them great for a trimmer daytime use.
  5. HumBird offers embroidered covers and Woollybottoms offers leggings and slippers.

In the end, I believe we both offer a high quality well-made product. Read above and decide for yourself. Either way you won’t be disappointed!